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Anas Baroud is a Moroccan Artist, he is a 3D Generalist and Graphic Designer, and he is also a multi-instrumentalist composer. In 2010, he began working as a freelancer in Graphics and 3D. Since he was little, he has been incredibly passionate about music and art. He started painting and drawing and continued doing so till he took a long break from painting. In his design work, Anas Baroud displayed creativity, which helped him gain more customers from the United Arab Emirates and Arabie Saoudite and assist them in expanding their companies.

In 2019, Anas Baroud discovered his musical talent. Films and their scores influenced him, and he made the decision to start playing music by purchasing some instruments. Film scores, instrumental music, new age, tranquil and soothing piano, and classical are among the musical genres that Anas Baroud performs.

He loves depicting his imagination within his artwork and working with others to create one-of-a-kind artwork. In his free time, he likes to take naps with his bulldog, Pickles, and binge-watch his favorite TV shows. He is profound and passionate about technology and problem solving.

His Career in Graphic Design 

In 2009, Anas Baroud began his profession as a graphic and web designer. He started developing his visual skills and learning what clients wanted. He acquired all of his design knowledge through self-education. He was enthusiastic, loved his job, and made more effort to reach his objectives.

He has designed many posters, brochures, pamphlets, and many more. He believes in creating magic through his art. he can surprise anyone with his talent for crafting the best graphic designs. He bears the power to enhance your imagination with his fabulous creations. Creating the best designs is his inborn passion. You will fall in love with the most artistic designs of his career. He has actual creative knowledge about each artistic design form in the world. He loves playing with unsymmetrical designs, for they make the best results.

Anas Baroud is also a 3D Generalist. He has become a sole proprietor as an independent 3d Artist, expanding his skill set by including 2d and 3d work for resume writing services while offering 3d art as a freelancer. His plans include continuing to add to his 3d artist skill set as a freelancer and in a professional pipeline focused on developing assets for film, television, advertising, and web development. He is passionate about 3d modeling, rigging, texturing, and digital sculpting, which is evident in the quality of his work.

His Career in Music

Anas Baroud started his career in music in 2019. He is famous in music for his instrumental knowledge and excellence in piano. He has composed many piano music pieces, which have been published on Spotify. Moreover, he is recognized as a verified artist on Spotify. Blending different musical traditions and styles of all the continents with several instruments, sometimes played simultaneously.

Anas Baroud’s music is an eclectic fusion of lyricism and driving rhythm that brings together elements of post-romanticism and minimalism. Anas Baroud has built a successful career in music that matters ever since he burst on the scene as a fresh-faced teenager bringing contemporary music to the forefront.