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Anas Baroud/The Nightmare Battle

The Nightmare Battle

the nightmare battle cover photo


1. The nightmare battle
2. 5-Minutes
3. Bad decision
4. Dark Flames of War A Tale of Conflict
5. Darkest Moment
6. Euphoria
7. Expected lie
8. It’s Heavy
9. The Madness Hour
10. Who Is Behind the Five Ammo?

About Album

Experience the magic of cinematic film scores with the latest album release by composer Anas Baroud. This album is a collection of mesmerizing and emotive tracks perfect for TV shows, movies, and various forms of media. Anas Baroud’s dynamic compositions will take you on a journey through different moods and emotions, enhancing the visual storytelling of any project.

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Artist: Anas Baroud
Release Date: 28-5-2024
Genre: Film Scores